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Computer Graphics

What is Computer Graphics? Computer graphics (CG) is a sub-field of computer science which studies methods for storing, synthesizing and manipulating visual content in three-dimensions or three-dimensions. Computer Graphics are the foundations to the development of most visual applications that are used in Gaming (Playstation, XBox, Switch), Virtual and Augmented Reality (Unity3D, Unreal), Digital Modeling (Cinema4D, 3DS Max, Blender), Design (Photoshop), Mobile Apps (Android, iOS), and more! Almost every visual computer application you use has computer graphics under its hood. 

Course Objectives

This course will provide a solid foundation in 3D computer graphics (CG) and will emphasize material relevant to the context of computer graphics. It is designed to train students in the foundation principles of 3D computer graphics, so that will be able to:

  •  know what the field of CG encompasses, what is interactive CG, and what the fields are that use computer graphics

  •  be able to program common graphics API, such as OpenGL, that could be applied to commercial systems for the rendering of digital images from 3D models

  •  demonstrate how to use a 3D graphics API, such as OpenGL, through programming code to draw, model, and render 2D and 3D primitives and more complex scenes

  •  know how to manage windows for CG using a windowing toolkit, such as Unity

  •  know how to set up and program a 3D environment and view using camera controls, apply this knowledge by programming code to set up a 3D environment.

  •  know how vectors and matrices are used in CG and be able to apply the process for using these matrices in a RayTracer program

  •  implement (program) the code that calls and implement a subset of the algorithms for 3D modeling and rendering

Why take this course? Most people know how to *use* computer graphics applications, but learning how to *create* and *develop* these applications is a highly desirable and profitable skill for you to have in the workforce. This course will teach the basic concepts, components, principles, techniques, and tools of computer graphics. Talk the talk and walk the walk! You will not only learn how to communicate about computer graphics but also how to program main components of computer graphics to have the skills to work on any computer graphics application (as mentioned above)!

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