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Research Methods

What are Research Methods? Research methods are approaches to conducting, analyzing, and presenting research. Different fields may have different research methods and it is important to gain a broad knowledge of potential techniques as well as examples of usage in a student's field of study and related fields of study.

Course Description

Research in creative technologies and design draws on methods and techniques from a broad set of fields. The objective of this course is to provide a primer for key methodological approaches used in the field. Students will investigate a broad set of techniques for conducting theoretical, design, and experimental research. They will explore how to formulate and investigate research questions using these methods. Topics covered will include basic research ethics, research project design, approaches to constructing theory, research through design techniques, and methods for experimental study.

Leads and Topics: (This particular instance of this list of course topics reflects the co-teaching plan during Fall 2021 at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder)

All lead:

Welcome, overview of topics and foundational tools (library management, CITI training, etc). 

Laura Devendorf leads:

Topics include Interpretive Research, Qualitative Methods, Research Through Design, Final Project Planning

Amy Banić leads:

Topics include Quantitative Methods, Empirical Human Subject Studies, Power Analysis & Designing a Study, Prototyping for Evaluation, Human Subjects, Formal Experiment Design, In-Person vs. Simulated Experiments, Statistics and User Studies, Visualization for Presenting Results, and The Replicability Crisis.

Ellen Do leads:

Topics include Novel Sensing Processes and Techniques, 

Design Space Explorations and Case Studies, Final Check In

All lead:

Topics include share outs with senior grads, library research resources introduction, final project presentations.

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